BSM Renovation

Dear Friend of SPC BSM,

2019 celebrates an important milestone for the Baptist Student Ministry at South Plains College. The BSM celebrates 60 years of ministry at South Plains College. God faithfully directed the ministry of this group among college students. We give thanks for the men and women of God whose faithful support and dedication brought us to this point. As we look back at the achievements of the past 60 years, we must also look forward to God’s wonderful works in the next 60. 

Each week, the BSM welcomes around 300 students to our building for our 50 Cent Lunches each Monday and Thursday. Over the 52 years of its existence, our building has seen countless students receive both physical and spiritual nourishment in Jesus’ name. During those years, the building saw very little change other than cosmetic upkeep. In order for our building to keep up with the excellent care and hospitality that characterizes our ministry, we embarked on a $120,000 renovation project. This project will enable us to meet the changing needs of our community in innovative ways.

This renovation will see the total redesign of our restroom facilities to make them ADA compliant, ensuring that our welcoming presence continues. A new sign will be erected facing the campus, allowing students to find the building with ease. The centerpiece of our redesign is the relocation of the kitchen to the back wall of the building, which allows for a more spacious and user-friendly kitchen, providing larger facilities for food preparation and storage as we endeavor to meet the physical and spiritual needs of students. We will also update appliances including adding a second oven, a warmer, and a large refrigerator. Our current office space will also be redesigned to better reflect how it is utilized. The offices will be condensed to the back wall, freeing up space for students in the front of the building, as well as providing a more welcoming environment for any entering guest. Finally, all of the furniture will be updated, including new tables and chairs that are more moveable for our lunch space.

The BSM at South Plains College does not exist on its own. We are always an extension of the local church on the South Plains College campuses. As a result, we strongly value our partnerships with churches and individuals. We cannot exist without your partnership with us in the gospel. We ask two things. First, pray for our ministry as we engage students with the gospel. Our ministry will flounder and fail without your prayers. Second, if God leads you to give, we ask that you would be a financial partner in this renovation. We want to utilize the resources God gives us to expand the Kingdom. Your partnership will help us continue to be a light to this campus.

Thank You,

Matt Berry